Bristol Big Sing 2011 + Video



On Saturday 16 April at St George’s Hall, Bristol, Company of Voices and Tiverton Community Choir took part in the Big Sing 2011. Well, it wasn’t quite so big this time, with the Big Sing having had to split into three days. But it was just as much fun: Singing on the coach – to practice our two songs – Soul Wind and Line Up. Spending time together and having time to chat and get to know each other better, which we don’t often do at our weekly practices – over coffee, lunch and tea. Learning some new songs with the rest of the choirs. The tenors got a particularly good chance to sing their little socks off, in the 60’s Hollies’ song I’m Alive, with plenty of air guitar accompaniment. Performing our songs in front of a very appreciative audience of other choirs, which is always great fun, once we get going. Hearing the songs of other choirs and giving them all the support we can. They varied, as always, from the small, new and nervous choirs to the big, long-established choirs who are brilliant. Realising what a wonderful choir teacher and leader we have in Claire. She gives us the confidence to get up there, makes sure we look the part and communicates all the energy and drive which gels our two choirs, who only meet a few times a year, into a coherent energetic whole.

Liz McGrath








16 April 2011