Broadhembury Sing

Broadhembury is a picturesque village in Devon, with thatched cottages, a stream trickling through and on a sunny day in June, an unusual number of clowns. The village was holding a circus themed fundraising weekend and we were invited to perform. Emboldened by our recent success at the Bristol Big Sing, we gleefully accepted.

The start didn’t bode too well as our choir leader Claire’s flat battery left us all fumbling our way through a warm-up but the laughter did the job. We rehearsed in a field by a playground and with 45 minutes to fill, ran through practically our entire repertoire. We were quite a hit with an assortment of sticky toddlers, sniffing dogs and horseflies I can tell you! Our confidence was shaken a little when the voices of the 100 strong Voiceworx came floating down from their performance. ‘Size doesn’t matter’ came the reassuring retort from the ever-confident Claire.

An hour later, we were balancing precariously on the slope of a lawn in the gardens of Broadhembury House (NB if you ever visit, be sure to lift the handle of the toilet door to unlock it or you may never leave). A liquorice assortment of colour, we sang with verve, enjoying the simple fun of it. I can’t say it wasn’t a little distracting with people passing by on their way to the ice cream but as true professionals (!), we overcame it.

As the raindrops started to fall ever so slightly after a glorious day of sunshine, we finished only to hear shouts of ‘encore’. Who were we to disappoint, and socked it to them one last time.

Some of us had brought along family. My son lasted two whole minutes before he dragged off my husband in search of something more interesting. Dutifully my daughter stayed the whole time – good job really as she was guarding all of our possessions - and greeted me with ‘you were better than the other choir’. Well that’s all right then.

  Melanie Hedgecock-Reeves






5 June 2010