Busking for Wateraid at Christmas


Dear Claire, 

Thank you all so much for supporting WaterAid’s work through your
recent busking event. We were delighted to hear the event was a success and I
hope you enjoyed Singing for Water.  

Thank you for your donation of £40 which will help us transform lives
in Ghana and Malawi.

Your support will help families like the family of Agnes Wilson from
Sonjera village, Machinga District, Malawi. Sadly Agnes was attacked by a
crocodile whilst collecting water for her family from an unsafe, dirty water
source.  She was badly injured and is now unable to carry out a lot of her
family chores  or work in the garden. WaterAid worked with her community to
install a new gravity flow scheme and a tapstand.

Agnes says;


“The coming of the new water point near my house is helping me to
quickly do work which requires water and I use more water than before because I
can now easily draw more. I now have more time to look into other things because
I have reduced the walking time to collect water. 

I was involved in choosing a site for the village water point. My
family members were involved in trench digging, pipe laying, making bricks and
collecting sand for construction of water point apron.

The project has brought clean water very close to my house where I
am now able to collect as often as I need. I am at peace as I don’t have to fear
crocodiles again!”


Thank you so much for your support of WaterAid’s work and for all that
you do to encourage people to be involved in Sing for Water.

We will use the funds you have raised to give access to clean water,
improved sanitation and hygiene education to families like the Wilsons. Thank
you for helping us transform lives!


Warmest wishes 





23 December 2010