The Gathering



Hi lovely singers

I just wanted to say a huge Thankyou and WELL DONE to those wonderful singers who came to Sidcot!! You did so well especially as we were somewhat diminished in numbers!! Especially well done to the sopranos of which there were only 3!!

Glenda from my Exmouth choir took these 2 photos which, sadly are not of you singing.... so not the best....but she did take 3 videos so I will get them on Fri and pass them on somehow!

I also had some great feedback from some of the other choir leaders. Yvette was moved to tears by Moon River (only in a +ve way of course!) and Jon Conway (teaching the Bass) said in an email......"I thought your choir sang really well and I loved Moon river. It's a lovely arrangement which you performed really well. There were some tricky clashing notes in it that you got spot on!"
Penny Dunscombe - the organiser said in a her email "I loved your choir - and was really moved by the Elbow song".

So......aren't you brilliant!!

Looking forward to our party do bring any songs you want to share!!

Love Claire x


‘The Gathering’ at Sidcot on Saturday 7 July 2012


 After the storms of Friday night and the bucketing rain which we awoke to on Saturday morning, what could be better than a day out singing (gardening or rambling were definitely not on the agenda that day)?

Sidcot School was easy to find and a great venue for our day.  Claire taught the soprano part;  Yvette rehearsed the altos;  Pete Linnet took care of the tenors and the sizeable bass part was led by John Conway.

 I chatted to a tenor who normally sang in a male voice choir and found our style of learning difficult.  I sympathised with him.  Certainly our part DID have an abundance of diddle, diddles in it!

Seriously it was great to have so many ‘proper’ men`s voices singing with us (apologies to Liz McGrath and Vicky Carpenter).

 Everything ran very smoothly and we enjoyed singing our three songs (‘Moon River’, ‘One Day Like This’ and ‘I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free’) and we were well applauded.

The other groups, including Yvette’s massed choirs and Caroline Rigby`s choir from the Sub Hamdon area were impressive and offered a huge variety of song.

A lovely day.

Liz Ollerenshaw


7 July 2012