Willow Cathedral on Longrun Meadow

Hello all

There is a lovely event coming up in Taunton - the opening of the Willow Cathedral on Longrun Meadow, on Friday eve 24 June.
It's an informal event including music and words. If enough of us are interested and can go, we could sing there for about 20 minutes.
Please let me know if you want to take part, it sounds a lot of fun and will be a wonderful community celebration.



Hello Singers

We are definitely planning to sing at the Willow Cathedral opening event this Friday at Longrun Meadow, Taunton.
The programme starts at 6pm with everyone meeting in the Oak Barn, with music and then walk to the WC (!) at 7.45 for a blessing.
Then between 7-9pm anyone is invited to sing, recite a poem, etc for up to 15 mins, and possibly sing again a bit later.
It's all very ad hoc and flexible.

Claire has some people from Tiverton who'd like to come, so we should have a good sized group.
If you can't get there for 6pm, you can come at 7pm for the singing bit - we'll only do songs that we already know well.

Remember to bring a tealight in a jam jar, and extra G&T for Claire!


Singing was cancelled due to bad weather

24 June 2011